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Quiz Rules

What's this all about?

Starting in June 2018, Cancer Network will host the "Diagnostic Champions' Challenge” for a total of five weeks. Each of these weeks will feature their own set of multiple choice questions to test your diagnostic ability.  Every time you choose correctly, you'll win points based upon the level of difficulty. In week 5, the top 10 scorers from each of the previous 4 weeks will square off in a final showdown that will determine Cancer Network’s true Diagnostic Champion!

Who Can Play?

The game is open to all, but we do distinguish between players that are valid MDs in the United States (we verify your ME number with the AMA) and those players that are not. Valid US physicians will play in their own special "track" against other MDs, while all others play in a second track. You must be a legal US resident, residing in the United States and 18 years or older to play.

If you are already registered with us, you can check your account to make sure you have accurately listed your name and medical school year of graduation.

If you're brand new to us – set up an account here!

How Do I Play?

  1. Complete the free registration process – you can also add a special "game name" for new accounts or add a "game name" if you already have an account.
  2. From the homepage, click on the "current round" and you're off! You'll have 60 seconds for each question – answer the best you can; each question has varying points based upon the difficulty of the question. Get the answer right, and score – get it wrong and, well, at least you'll get smarter. If you have to rush off, don't worry, you can save your progress between questions and log back in to finish later.
  3. Once you finish a round, you'll see your total point score and if you made the Top 10 scores for that round on the Leaderboard. Did you make that round's cut? Great! But watch out, others are nipping at your heels while the round is still open and might bump you from the list – so keep checking back! If you tied with another player's score, the tie-breaking factor is the total elapsed time you took to answer each question.
  4. If you want to try that round again, you can certainly do that. But be aware that only your first score will count. Subsequent re-tries of that same round may help make you smarter though, but you already knew that!
  5. Feel free to try your hand in each new round as it becomes available to increase your chances at making the Top 10 scores; only the Current Active Round is available for scoring.
  6. At the end of the four week preliminary rounds we'll invite the Top 10 scorers for each previous round (both in the MD and non-MD tracks) to compete for the title of champion! If you didn't qualify, don't feel lonely, others can play in this finalist round too – but will be segmented as non-finalists and won't be competing against the finalists.

Where can I play?

Pretty much wherever you want – at home, work, on the go... just remember that each question has a specific time limit of 60 seconds, and you won't be able to save your progress except between completed questions – so stay focused!

Good luck!

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