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Round 3

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1st yaz827
2nd Evan Slater(3:33)26
3rd Iceman(4:54)26
4th Radonculous(3:30)23
5th Jason Hinton(5:07)23
6th Peter Bernat22
7th xenon21
8th Ewa(3:16)20
9th Andrea Stebel(3:34)20
10th Contender(3:51)20
11th Rebecca Bechhold(4:03)20
12th Linda Isaacs(2:22)19
13th Ofobuike Okani(4:19)19
14th sanmd17
15th Brittany Simone16
16th CJ210315
17th M12311
1st rdoc777526
2nd Sal(4:21)23
3rd frazu(4:36)23
4th kornkween(2:59)22
5th KH1(4:14)22
6th PDAWG(4:30)22
7th Carol Oshima21
8th MZ20
9th Jennifer Scheurer(3:46)19
10th Catrina Marie(3:56)19
11th Bangley(3:04)18
12th Sar(4:48)18
13th tekiha melles(8:16)18
14th veronica walker(3:42)17
15th Liz Marks(4:36)17
16th Sharon Malian(6:32)17
17th CTR(3:30)16
18th Alexia Sabor(3:47)16
19th Susan Schwenger(4:16)16
20th dcw1(2:28)15
21st Edward Moylan(3:35)15
22nd Penny Hearn(3:42)15
23rd Joidberg(3:45)15
24th BugChaser(4:22)15
25th Montressor(4:34)15
26th Amma14
27th Liz Pena(4:17)13
28th Tammy Gillock(4:17)13
29th Laura Jirasek(2:27)12
30th Kara Baekey (2:43)12
31st Joyce Hutchinson(5:03)12
32nd Mark Lewin(5:48)12
33rd NeuroARNP(4:03)11
34th lin pei(5:55)11
35th asdfasdf(3:37)10
36th Trudy Russell(4:59)10
37th Navigator(4:05)9
38th CTR2(4:29)9
39th Kim Mickow(7:12)9

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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