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Round 3

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1st yaz827
2nd Evan Slater(3:33)26
3rd Iceman(4:54)26
4th Radonculous(3:30)23
5th Jason Hinton(5:07)23
6th Peter Bernat22
7th xenon21
8th Ewa(3:16)20
9th Andrea Stebel(3:34)20
10th Contender(3:51)20
1st rdoc777526
2nd Sal(4:21)23
3rd frazu(4:36)23
4th kornkween(2:59)22
5th KH1(4:14)22
6th PDAWG(4:30)22
7th Carol Oshima21
8th MZ20
9th Jennifer Scheurer(3:46)19
10th Catrina Marie(3:56)19
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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