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Round 1

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1st Brittany Simone22
2nd Jianling Yuan(3:00)21
3rd yaz8(5:42)21
4th Spike19
5th Linda Isaacs(2:50)17
6th Evan Slater(3:49)17
7th Rebecca Bechhold(2:39)16
8th Thomas McCormick(3:41)16
9th Melanie Crutchfield Whitten(3:03)15
10th Peter Bernat(4:13)15
11th Ronald Latimer(4:31)15
12th Ewa14
13th CJ2103(4:48)13
14th Emily McDuffee(5:35)13
15th diva969711
1st Catrina Marie24
2nd Donald Keenan23
3rd Shortbaldguy22
4th Txcwn(2:53)21
5th VGC(3:33)21
6th CTR(4:19)19
7th CTR2(5:24)19
8th JazzyK2317
9th priya jadeja(2:59)16
10th Leah Marcantel(3:41)16
11th popquiz(3:48)16
12th lin pei15
13th Phillip Bressoud MD FACP(2:49)14
14th kitti mc(2:54)14
15th KH1(3:16)14
16th Bangley(3:43)14
17th thediva(4:26)14
18th Joline Gruz(4:32)14
19th 0brca0(5:03)14
20th flit(3:29)13
21st Virginia Davis(4:16)13
22nd Joan Venticinque(3:28)12
23rd Joidberg(4:09)12
24th Crystal Lumi11
25th NeuroARNP(2:39)9
26th Nancy Grandner(2:56)9
27th AWG(8:15)9
28th KC92928
29th Liz Marks(4:12)7
30th kpwhiz(5:33)7
31st Edward Moylan(5:35)6
32nd Pharmgirl(5:59)6
33rd BoilerGold0

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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