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Round 2

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1st Radonculous24
2nd Evan Slater23
3rd yaz821
4th Ewa(2:44)20
5th Drise(3:21)20
6th mk122519
7th sam18
8th Emily McDuffee17
9th Melanie Crutchfield Whitten16
10th Linda Isaacs14
1st CTR21
2nd BugChaser(4:17)18
3rd Myrock7(7:08)18
4th Catrina Marie(2:52)17
5th Sal(3:04)17
6th lin pei(4:30)17
7th Alexia Sabor(2:37)16
8th rabbit(4:30)16
9th kpwhiz(4:34)16
10th Jennifer Scheurer15
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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