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Round 2

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1st Linda Isaacs(2:45)20
2nd Ewa(4:13)20
3rd Radonculous19
4th Spike18
5th sam16
6th Srivani Thatikonda 15
7th Caring and Doing11
8th xenon10
9th George Bahadue9
10th Anuakman2
1st OncoVirus22
2nd ghazal20
3rd King BEDO19
4th W B C18
5th Estopa(3:50)17
6th CTR(4:52)17
7th Keith Brunckhorst(5:37)17
8th rdoc7775(2:58)16
9th RunnerNP(4:42)16
10th Joidberg15
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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