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Round 4

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1st pryanro(2:50)26
2nd Radonculous(3:24)26
3rd Evan Slater(3:56)26
4th shades(5:09)26
5th cancer(3:24)24
6th sam(3:46)24
7th indermohan sandhu(3:28)23
8th Ewa(4:59)23
9th khanman(3:31)21
10th stephen besh(3:52)21
1st pat thompkins(3:03)22
2nd ghazal(3:36)22
3rd Sar21
4th malka(3:03)20
5th W B C(3:41)20
6th Aidil*18
7th Raina Spaziani(1:45)17
8th Amy Franklin(3:01)17
9th dcw1(2:54)16
10th Kathlen Spiegel(5:35)16
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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