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Round 3

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1st sam(2:39)24
2nd Ewa(4:07)24
3rd xenon(4:04)23
4th Phillip IV(4:34)23
5th indermohan sandhu(3:55)22
6th Radonculous(4:39)22
7th cancer21
8th TNM20
9th Linda Isaacs(2:34)19
10th Evan Slater(5:12)19
11th robert ouwendijk6
12th Spike5
13th George Bahadue1
1st Keith Brunckhorst21
2nd Amy Franklin(3:48)16
3rd ghazal(4:35)16
4th Linda A Danielson(5:37)15
5th Vijay Medithi(6:52)15
6th Raina Spaziani14
7th Hamid Shaaban(3:31)13
8th Skip66(3:40)13
9th RunnerNP(4:15)13
10th VGC(4:43)13
11th Trudy Russell(5:37)13
12th Abhishek Kumar(3:17)12
13th CTR(3:24)12
14th rdoc7775(4:12)12
15th IanI11
16th Sar(4:42)10
17th malka(5:23)10
18th TTT8
19th FILAGATOR(4:40)7
20th thesponge(6:26)7
21st Andrea Borondy Kitts6
22nd dcw1(2:51)5
23rd arm's legnth(4:56)5
24th Edward Moylan(5:44)5
25th Lisa Neuenfeldt(5:59)5
26th Alan J. Vogenberg2
27th oncrn(2:24)1
28th Mich(3:39)1
29th thomas friedman(6:09)1

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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