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Round 2

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1st Yatams22
2nd Ewa(3:30)20
3rd Radonculous(6:04)20
4th Linda Isaacs(2:50)16
5th Evan Slater(5:12)16
6th Aquarius(3:07)15
7th shade(5:00)15
8th indermohan sandhu(3:31)14
9th Mehran(3:47)14
10th Anisa Hassan(4:19)14
1st CTR21
2nd RunnerNP19
3rd dcw1(4:06)17
4th Andrea Borondy Kitts(4:46)17
5th arm's legnth16
6th Abhishek Kumar(3:51)12
7th Linda A Danielson(6:30)12
8th Joidberg(3:42)11
9th Edward Moylan(3:47)11
10th Sar(4:20)11
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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