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Round 1

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1st Evan Slater26
2nd shade24
3rd Ewa22
4th robert ouwendijk21
5th Peter Bernat20
6th cancer18
7th sam(3:15)16
8th xenon(3:53)16
9th Radonculous(3:57)16
10th Linda Isaacs15
11th Richard10
1st Joidberg28
2nd OncoVirus27
3rd Aidil*25
4th VGC19
5th Alf Leila wa Leila(3:28)17
6th malka(5:03)17
7th Severino Rey(5:41)17
8th oncrn16
9th Amy Franklin15
10th Laurie Rew(2:21)14
11th W B C(3:48)14
12th Carol Johnson(5:12)14
13th NeuroARNP12
14th Linda Dowling11
15th dcw1(2:47)10
16th Sar(3:02)10
17th Mt(3:24)10
18th FILAGATOR(5:18)10
19th Anita Smith(5:30)10
20th IanI(1:01)9
21st fitnessgal(4:04)9
22nd Gia(4:35)8
23rd Nancy Gresham(7:43)8
24th Karen Ramsey(2:51)7
25th Ron Pufall(4:26)7
26th CMD 75(5:19)7
27th Kathleen Shannon(5:41)6
28th Lia(6:43)6
29th CTR5
30th thesponge4
31st Angieb3
32nd Tammy Gillock0

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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