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Can you accurately diagnose a patient's malady? Are you adept at choosing the most appropriate treatment? Test your knowledge and skills in a battle for diagnostic supremacy against your peers!

For the next five weeks, Cancer Network will host the "Diagnostic Champions' Challenge." Each week will feature a set of multiple choice diagnostic dilemmas to test your acumen: we present the problem, you diagnosis it. Every time you choose correctly, you'll win points based upon the level of difficulty. Did you make the high-score leaderboard for that week’s round? Congratulations! Didn’t make it? Try again! Build your skills and take the test as many times as you want, but only your first score counts.

The preliminary rounds take place for the first four weeks. The top 10 scorers from each of the previous four weeks will go head to head in week five’s final showdown that will reveal Cancer Network’s ultimate Diagnostic Champion!

  • Round 1 (Closed)

    Can you correctly diagnose the lesion on a patient's back? Or the cheek lesion? What do you know about estrogen-receptor staining? Test your knowledge in our opening round...

  • Round 2 (Closed)

    In this round, we continue with another series of diagnostic quandaries. Are those lesions poison ivy, or could they be Kaposi sarcoma? What can you tell about the resected kidney mass? Start playing to choose your answers...

  • Round 3 (Closed)

    Would you treat stage II rectal cancer differently than stage II colon cancer? What is the cauliflower-like mouth lesion in the man with a history of chewing tobacco? Find out the answers in Round 3

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