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Cancer Network will host the "Diagnostic Champions' Challenge" for a total of five weeks.  Each of these weeks will feature their own set of multiple choice questions to test your diagnostic ability.  Every time you choose correctly, you'll win points based upon the level of difficulty.   Did you make the high-score leaderboard for that week’s round? Congratulations! Didn’t make it? Try again! Build your skills and take the test as many times as you want, but only your first score counts.

The preliminary rounds take place for the first four weeks. The top 10 scorers for each week (from both the MD and non-MD tracks) will be invited to participate in the "Diagnostic Champions' Final Challenge" - the fifth week's round - to go head-to-head. The top scorer of the finalist round for the MD and non-MD track will be recognized as the champion!

  • Round 1 (Closed)

    In our opening round we test your knowledge of the ABCD’s of melanoma as well as present a series of challenging cases to see if your diagnostic and management skills are worthy of a champion.

  • Round 2 (Closed)

    In this round we continue with another series of puzzlers. Are you up to date on the known risk factors for renal cell carcinoma? What is the cause of the enlarged lymph nodes in the 35-year-old, HIV-positive man?

  • Round 3 (Closed)

    Do you know which types of cancers the immunotherapy nivolumab has received FDA approval for? Can you identify the best course of management for a patient with a newly diagnosed solitary osseous plasmacytoma? Find out the answers in Round 3!

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